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If you want a system that will heat the entire house, one thing to factor in is that not all parts of the house have to be at the same temperature. So, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms can be kept at a lower temperature than living areas such as lounges and studies. Ideally, any home heating system should be set up with at least two individually-adjustable temperature zones.

There are two broad approaches to heating a home: heat the air in the home, or heat the contents of the home (including the people). Generally, heating the home and its contents will give less condensation and a less stuffy feel than heating the air alone. The most effective way to heat the contents of a home is to warm the floor. The next most effective way is to warm the ceiling. These are used in our services.

The simplest option is often heating. This is the best choice if you only need to heat a single person, say if you find yourself getting a bit chilly sitting at the computer.